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April 4
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Thanks to the power of Shadow's chaos control, the group of heroes and Eggman were teleported inside the Black Comet. The inside of the comet was not what anyone had expected it to be. The entire place was organized, technological and made so that travel through the comet would be simple for anyone.

"The Black Arms are more advanced then I had first thought they were." Eggman said out loud.

"But which way do we go now?" Tails asked.

While everyone was busy choosing a path to take, Shadow saw Black Doom's Eye floating down one of the passageways. Toni could also see what Shadow was looking at.

"So which way do you think we should go, Shadow?" Sonic asked his counterpart. Sonic received no response from Shadow.

"Shadow?" Sonic asked once again.

The group looked back to find that Shadow had already left.

"Aw man. He ditched us." Sonic complained.

"Wait a sec…" Noah look around and sees that Toni had also already left "Toni isn’t here too!"

The group look around and see that what Noah said was true.

"Him too…!" Sonic said and sighed.

"I think that those two are starting to get things in common…" Knuckles said.

"Yeah… Of all of us, one who has been with Shadow most of the time after what happened in the ARK, was that lightning boy... " Rouge said with a some curiosity.

" We don’t have time for chatting! We have to look after them!! *Noah said loudly, like making an order.

With that, everyone made silence and start to look after the two hedgehogs.

Meanwhile, Shadow started chasing Doom's Eye down the passageway, leaving the others behind. After a long run, Shadow had lost the trail of Doom's Eye.

"Damn. Where did that thing float off to now?" Shadow asked himself.

Just then, the black hedgehog hear someone who was going towards him, and he gets in a fighting stance and start to prepare a Chaos Spear, and he was about to throw it at the mysterious one when he was some feets away of him, thinking that it was an enemy.

"Wow, stop Shadow! It’s me, Toni!! " Toni stop in front of him and wave his hands defensibly.

"Toni... So it was you... " Shadow said and stops charging the Chaos Spear, and stops getting on a fighting stance.

"You know... you were going really fast, like if your life was on the line" Toni said smiling slightly.

"Toni... you should better go back with the others... this is my battle to finish"
"And leaving you behind!? No way Shadow, two persons are better than one. We can beat that evil Black Doom working together" Toni said stubbornly

"Don’t you understand!!?? " Shadow yelled at him.

Toni couldn’t talk back. He never have seen Shadow yelling up to someone... He may be sometimes arrogant and be a loner, but he was never the type of person that yells.

"Don’t you know what I have done!!?? I have worked with Black Doom, I have fought you with the intention of killing you and I have helping him on destroying Central City!! It’s all my fault, and even worse... I almost broke the promise that I’ve done to Maria... "Shadow said with some frustration.

Toni was quite surprised about what Shadow said, because the black hedgehog was normally someone who doesn’t show very much his feelings toward other people.

"That’s why... I want to end this by myself... It’s my fault and it is I who has to resolved it"

Toni sighed and look Shadow with serious eyes.

"Shadow... it’s not your fault... you were manipulated by Black Doom... If you want to blame someone, blame Black Doom... if it wasn’t for him, anything of this would have happened! "Toni said seriously

Shadow then starts to think about it: what Toni said was true, if Black Doom never came he would have done all those things, he would not have betrayed everyone and he would never have harmed Toni and specially Noah.

"But still... you don’t have to fight with me... It’s not specially your problem" Shadow said

"You are wrong on there. It’s ALSO my problem! " Toni said confidently

Shadow now was confused. What would Black Doom have done to make Toni to say that?

"If you want to know why... "points to Shadow" it’s because he dared to harm and use someone... that I considered a brother"

"Why... do you consider me your brother..? " Shadow said surprise, but he didn’t show it.

"Because... we are similar... we both lost persons that were important to us... and when we lost them, we regret saying that we could have done something to save them... we may have choose different paths when we met... but that pain that I suffered on my past, could make me understand your pain about what happened 50 years ago... " Toni said smiling.

"But remember that I’ve tried to kill you before..." The black hedgehog replied.

"That may be true... but in that moment when you throw that Chaos Lance at full power at me, when I wasn’t able to dodge it... your attack missed and go into another direction... I think that your will resist Black Doom’s manipulation for some seconds and saved me... After seeing that, I knew that you haven’t change at your own will" Toni said smirking softly.

Shadow didn’t say some seconds and look to the opposite direction. Someone, even after all that happened, still trust him, and also, he consider him something like a family

"Toni.... " Shadow said without looking at him "Thank you"

Toni could only smile, and could also see a little tear coming out of Shadow’s eyes that he dry out immediately.

"What a touching scene... " A dark voice that come out of somewhere said.

The two hedgehogs looks around in a fighting stance, knowing that that voice was Black Doom’s. After some seconds, their thoughts about who was that voice were true, because the usual Black Eye that Black Doom uses appears in front of them.

"I see you have made it this far, Shadow. And somehow, you have bring a guest too" Black Doom said.

"That's right, Black Doom. I will end your plan of destroying the world, now!" Shadow proclaimed.

"And we will also kick your ass!  Wherever it is..." Toni said.

Black Doom only laughed at their proclamation of stopping him.

"If you think you both can stop me, then prove it. You will find me at the center of the comet. You will see that it doesn’t matter how many times you stand against me, you will never win." Black Doom challenged and some kind of secret door opened at their right and the Black Eye run through that door.

"It seems that it has sent us an invitation to a party... a dangerous party" Toni said while looking at the secret door.

"Yeah... And since he was too generous to show us the way... we can’t just rejected the invitation" Shadow said smirking.

"It’s time to show him to not to mess with us and the Ultimate Life Form! " Toni said smirking at him.

Then the two hedgehogs start to run after the Black Eye, that would lead them to Black Doom.

Will they have the victory? Or maybe Black Doom will win against these two hedgehogs?
The pic is from :iconweresonika:
*Here Shadow doesn't lose his memories about what happened in the ARK on SA2
*These events happens after SA2

Noah is from :iconnoahrose:
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Amy-Rose-FanGirl Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014
a veces dudo que seas español y no inglés e___e XDD okno, no entendí la mitad del texto :/ pero la otra mitad no estaba mal (? XDD
toni987 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No es mi culpa que sepa mucho inglés xDDD
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pero hermanito escribe alguna vez algo en español XD
toni987 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
es que el ingles para mi suena mas epico que el español xDD
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...épico? _-_ mira que te gusta complicar las cosas XD
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toni987 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
En realidad esto, es una pequeña parte de lo que tenia pensado escribir pero tenia muchas ganas de mostrar la relación fraternal entre los dos erizos xDDD
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